Remember these terms when coming to Huikia

Instructions for the guardian

  • Children 15 years of age or older may climb without adult supervision, but must have a guardian signed park rules permission form upon arrival to the park.
  • Children between the ages 11-14 may climb independently, but a responsible adult or guardian must be at least nearby on the ground. The responsible adult should read the
    park rules with the child.
  • Children under 11 years old can only climb in the park with a responsible adult or guardian.
  • Height requirement for the lower tracks is 90cm and for the higher tracks, about 130cm.
    The responsible adult estimates the child’s ability to climb.


  • In order to insure a safe adventure, each climber must follow the staff’s instructions, directions and decisions.
  • Climbing on the tracks without the designated equipment, safety instructions or before completing the practice track, is forbidden.
  • Remember that at least one security lock is secured to the designated safety wire at all times during the adventure.
  • Empty pockets of belongings and bind long hair before starting your adventure. Also, rings, jewelry, watches, ect. need to be removed so they are not caught in the structures of the park or drop while climbing.
  • The climbing harness can not be loosened while climbing and one may not use the bathroom with the harness on. If you need to loosen your harness during your adventure, always have a staff member check your harness before returning to the tracks.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the adventure park area and the possession of alcohol is also prohibited
  • The adventure park is a non-smoking area.
  • Equipment can not be borrowed to another individual.
  • The safety equipment must be handled with care. Failure to do so may result in
  • Use of personal safety equipment is forbidden.
  • Up to three people may be on a platform at one time.
  • Each element between platforms can only have one person at a time. A responsible adult who is supervising and helping a child may go through some elements with the child.
  • Wait for your turn so that the adventurer before you had completely exited onto the next platform before attaching your safety carabiners to the element’s safety wire.
  • For safety reasons, climbing on the park’s structures is absolutely forbidden while the park is closed. The structures may have ongoing maintenance work which may not be noticeable.
  • Climbing through the adventure tracks may cause clothes to be soiled, scratches, bruises, or a physical accident as with all other physical activities. The Adventure Park Huikia does not have separate insurance for the guest in case of an accident. The guest must evaluate their own insurance situation before starting the adventure.
  • Evaluate your performance ability and limits to minimize unnecessary risks and excessive challenges. Notify the park staff in case a personal health condition you currently have may in some way cause risks during your adventure. Notify the park staff immediately if you see any questionable activity or structural defects!


General Instructions

  • The Adventure Park’s services are suitable for all aged generally healthy children, youth and adults.
  • The park area is a public space and it is possible to observe the adventurers in the trees without an entry ticket.
  • Nature is important to us, therefore we require our guests to move about in the park with respect for nature. We do not tolerate abuse of the surrounding natural environment.
  • In order to climb, one must purchase an entry ticket to receive the necessary equipment.
  • Wear shoes and clothing suitable for outdoor sports. You can purchase gloves suitable for climbing to protect your hands at the Adventure Park Cafe. Remember that the tracks bring you on an adventure between the trees and may result in dirt and sap soiling clothing. The Adventure Park is not responsible for soiled clothing.
  • Start at the Adventure Park Cafe to purchase the entry ticket. During this step, you will be instructed through the park rules, safety issues and purchasing the ticket.
  • After receiving your entry ticket, go to the equipment desk to receive your safety equipment. An instructor will guide you through putting on the harness and will check that all harnesses are put on properly.
  • Use the restroom (WC) before putting on your harness.
  • Before starting the adventure, each guest must complete the test track with the instruction from the park staff. When the instructor is sure you are capable of using the equipment and climbing according to the instructions, you will be directed to the first adventure tracks.
  • If you need help during your adventure, ask or gesture for the park staff to come towards you. We will always help as quickly as possible and are willing to answer any questions you may have. Our instructors are observing adventurers on the tracks at all times.
  • Climbing through the tracks may cause scratches and bruises or result in an accident, as with any other physical sport. The Adventure Park Huikia does not have separate insurance for the guest in case of an accident. The guest must evaluate their own insurance situation before starting the adventure.
  • It is not necessary to make a reservation to climb during the park’s opening hours.
  • During our peak hours, we would like you to be aware that there may not be enough safety equipment for all to climb upon arrival. When equipment is returned, we allow the guests to begin their adventure in the order tickets have been purchased. We strive to help our guests to begin their adventure as quickly as it is safely possible. In practice, this means that during a busy time we will collect a bigger group of people (about 30 people) who will begin together with the instructor guidance. After going through the first set of instructions and each safety harness is checked, the group moves on to the practice track. Guidance of the next group begins after this step.
  • The standard weight limit for the adventure tracks is 120kg.
  • Guests who are pregnant are not allowed on the adventure tracks.
  • If you have one of the following; epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, labyrinth disorder, respiratory illness, back injury or you have recently undergone surgery, the adventure is unfortunately prohibited unless you have received a written permission from your doctor. Be sure to discuss this issue with the staff before beginning your adventure.
  • We reserve the right to change the rules of the Adventure Park. Updated rules are displayed at the Adventure Park Cafe.